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Industrial Mechanical, Electrical, & Construction Service Company

“Since 1864 our future has been driven by our past performance.”

Why we need to work together…

• We maintain a positive and safe work environment
• Access to a large diverse skilled workforce
• Ability to self-perform the majority of the construction work
• Value engineering in the field that potentially shaves time off the overall schedule
• Strong past performance record
• Bonding ability


What our customers have to say…

“When I see the turquoise truck sitting in front of the church, I know that things are going to get better. The age-old boiler that didn’t want to start up on a cold morning, may now be working or the roof that was leaking has probably gone back to doing what a roof should do–protecting the building from the elements. All because a call was made to Frank Millard and Company and they quickly came to restore our very old and difficult building to something more functional.

Millard’s is prompt, professional, and always diligent is solving our plumbing, heating, and construction problems. I don’t know what Zion church would do without them!”

— Rev. Jane Willan, Zion United Church of Christ