Frank Millard & Company, Inc

107 Valley St, Burlington, IA
  • Frank Millard & Co. Millwrights are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to react to mechanical breakdowns in the Industrial sector.  ​
  • Balancing and Level 1 Vibration Analysis​
  • Laser Pump Alignment​
  • Critical, Predictive, Preventive and Emergency Maintenance Planning and Scheduling​
  • All types of rigging equipment available In-House including 25K/35K Boom Style Fork Truck, 15 ton Carry Deck Crane and larger Hydraulic Cranes​
  • Specializing in fabrication, welding, rigging, and moving of equipment big and small (including ATM machines). ​
  • Millard Co. has vast experience in constructing and maintaining conveyor systems, racking, and material handling belts, rollers, elevators and crane systems.​
  • Frank Millard & Co. also has high tolerance level and alignment capabilities. ​
  • Millard Co. Millwrights have performed complete plant re-locations moving production lines a few feet to as far as half-way across the United States.
Emerson CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer
  • Vibration Analysis assists in Predictive Maintenance by allowing the evaluation of equipment to avoid failures of rotating equipment by detecting misalignments, defective bearings and bent or loose parts
  • Safety rated dual-channel machinery health analyzer
  • Balancing program that allows performance of field or shop balancing