Frank Millard & Company, Inc

107 Valley St, Burlington, IA
Our History

Over 150 years ago, as the end of the Civil War drew near, Frank Millard, a young, ambitious New Yorker, packed his bags and moved west settling in Burlington, Iowa. Here, Millard started a lumber and supply business on the banks of the Mississippi River that would eventually involve 5 generations of his family. His modest company made huge strides in those early days, and in the 1890s, J.A. MacArthur, Frank Millard’s son-in-law, led the young firm into the coal industry. MacArthur helped prove that it wasn’t luck that made Frank Millard and Company a success, it was a keen business sense and tremendous foresight. This, combined with an unwavering commitment to quality products, good service, and the dedication of a talented work force, virtually guaranteed Frank Millard & Company’s future success.

The generations that followed, along with an extended Millard family made up of technicians, administrative workers, and support staff, shared Frank Millard’s vision. Ahead of the times, they recognized that in order for the company to continue its growth, it would have to embrace, rather than fight, change. So, as new products and technology became available, Frank Millard & Company led the way, broadened its services, and grew into a multi-faceted organization.

From a simple lumber and coal business, we’ve grown into a diverse, modern, progressive company. We’re people who take a great deal of pride in what we do and the communities we serve. Like our founder, we are committed to providing quality products and services, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the work we provide. Find out how you can benefit from over 150 years of expertise. Let Frank Millard & Company go to work for you!

  • Founded in 1864 as a Lumber & Coal Dealer
  • Evolved into Southeast Iowa’s largest Industrial Contractor
  • Fifth Generation Family Management
  • Satellite Office in Keokuk, Iowa
  • Operates consistently in a 120 mile radius of Headquarters in Burlington, Iowa
  • Average workforce 144 FTE’s up to 350 FTE’s/Peak
  • Excess annual revenues of $50 Million
  • Complete projects from under $100k up to $10M