Frank Millard & Company, Inc

107 Valley St, Burlington, IA
Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
CECO Building Systems
  • From concept to completion, CECO Building Systems understands exactly what it takes to make a building project successful.  We have the knowledge, experience and strength to create reality from vision.
  • CECO’s products include metal framing systems with design flexibility supporting clear spans from 10′ to 250′ and greater, single skin roof and wall panels that allow multiple sheeting options for quick weather tightness, and insulated paneling systems for maximum energy efficiency.
  • All types of design possibilities for the Commercial / Industrial and Institutional Markets
  • Standard and Architectural Panels and many standard and premium color choices. 
  • Work with all types of exterior finishes including precast, cast in place, masonry and EFIS
  • Structural Design for all types of frame mounted material handling systems
  • Approved for Government / US Army Corps of Engineers
Metl-Span Insulated Panels
  • MATERIALS – Metl-Span panels are comprised of an advanced urethane core* that is injected between two pre-finished steel facings, forming a single, all-in-one unit. The result is the most thermally efficient panel available. Wall panels also have a specially formed barrier-side joint that permits the hidden application of vapor sealant within recessed grooves, creating an impenetrable water and vapor seal that is protected from the effects of extreme weather.
  • TIME – Metl-Span panels offer a single source for the building envelope enclosure, reducing construction time and the number of trades needed for building assembly to save you money and effort.
  • LABOR COSTS – Insulated metal panels are designed for easy and efficient installation in order to reduce unnecessary downtime and keep your project on track.
  • Insulated metal panels reduce additional labor trades needed for building erection, and address thermal, vapor, air and moisture barriers in one product.
  • ThermalSafe panels are comprised of mineral wool, which provides firerating capabilities. 
  • Metl-Span and CECO Building Systems are sister Company’s under the NCI Umbrella. Combing CECO Framing System with Metl-Span Insulated Panels.
CECO PEMB and Metl-Span Insulated Panels​
Benefits of Sole Source Supply of ​CECO PEMB and Metl-Span Insulated Panels ​
  • Member of the President’s Advisory Council – Direct Line of Communication to Company Sales and Management
  • Located less than 30 miles from CECO Midwestern Sales and Engineering Headquarters
  • Monsanto routinely specifies and has purchased CECO Buildings for their projects. 
  • Would be able to negotiate “special” discount based on increased volume
  • Metl-Span is a subsidiary of NCI Building Systems which is parent company of CECO Building Systems
  • Easily Integrate CECO PEMB Framing with Metl-Span Wall and Roof Panels
  • Stream Line Ordering Process 
  • Can Ship Building Anywhere in the Continental USA and potentially over seas.

“Frank Millard & Company has been a loyal Authorized Ceco Builder for over 20 years.  They have successfully completed Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings of all shapes and sizes all over the country.  These buildings vary from giant warehouses to industrial treatment and processing facilities and even small guard shacks.  They can do it all.  Frank Millard & Co. was the Ceco Midwest Region Builder of the Year in 2014.  Mike Bredar has also invested his time into making Ceco better by serving on the Ceco President’s Advisory Council.  Ceco is a proud building partner with Frank Millard Co.”

Brent Schrader, PE
District Sales Manager
Ceco Building Systems