Frank Millard & Company, Inc

107 Valley St, Burlington, IA
Sheet Metal and Commercial
& Industrial HVAC
Fabrication and Installation

State of the Art Fabrication Facility allows FMC to fabricate all types of Round, Spiral and Rectangular Duct per SMACNA Standards.

Capabilities Include:
  • Plasma Cutting Table
  • Waterjet Insulation Cutting Table
  • Automated Spiral Pipe Fabrication
  • Coil Line Rectangular Duct Maker
  • 1/2” Cut, Shear and Roll Capacity
  • Mig, Tig and Stick Welding
  • All Types of Architectural Sheet Metal Work
  • HVAC, Material Handling, Polution Control, Blow Pipe Ducting
  • Light Structural Steel Fabrication
Millard Pre-Fabrication Shop Benefits
  • Modern 40,000 SF Fabrication Facility
  • Automated Shop Fabrication Equipment for added Labor Efficiency
  • Highly Trained Skilled Work Force
  • In-House Design and Detailing for Fabrication and Installation
  • Fabrication Shop Centrally Located in the USA with access to major highways
  • Ability to Send Shop Personnel to job site for field measurement verification as needed
AutoFold 516
  • Snaplock and Pittsburgh side eject controlled via controller software
  • Drive cleat roll-formers (integral)
  • Chrome leveling rolls (for color coated steel)
  • Notching
  • Slitting knives
  • Extra coil holders (up to a maximum of 8)
Lockformer® ISM Spiral Pipe Machine D-Max 1.2E
  • Produces spiral pipe up to 14 gauge (1.98 mm) thickness, with a maximum strip speed of 235 ft/minute (71 m/minute)
  • Will produce spiral piping from 3” diameter up to 100”
  • The innovative Spiral Smart Technology™ (SST) incorporates a precise length-cutting system with efficient self-diagnostics and operator set-up requirements.
  • Frank Millard owns two machines and can put a machine on any job site.
Spiro® Gorelocker Combi-T
  • Diameter Range of 5” – 50”
  • Material Thickness of .016” – .059” for Galvanized Steel and Aluminum
  • Up to .039” for Stainless Steel
Lockformer® Vulcan™ Cutting Machine
  • Cutting Capacity PowerMax 65: ½” Mild Steel
  • Positioning Speed 3,000 IPM Max.
  • Cutting Speed Based on Material
  • 5’ x 10’ Standard